American Gold Eagle

The beauty and power of America, captured in the graceful Striding Liberty design by Augustus Saint Gaudens.

Canadian Gold Maple

The Royal Canadian Mint is known throughout the world for its impeccable standards of quality and purity in all its products.

S. African Krugerrand

The Krugerrand is the most widely owned bullion coin in the world in circulation since its inception in 1967.

Pre-1933 US Coins

The U.S. Mint issued its first Gold coins in 1795. Recalls and meltdowns made these previously common Gold coins very rare.

American Silver Eagle

Since its introduction in 1986, over 70 million American Silver Eagles have been bought by wise collectors and investors.

Canadian Silver Maple

The purest silver coin in regular mintage in the world today is The Canadian Silver Maple Leaf. Its purity is .9999.

10oz. 100oz. Silver Bars

100 oz. silver bars are the largest commonly traded form of pure bullion. A step above 10 oz. bars, 100 oz. size silver bars.

Silver Morgan Dollars

The most famous & most highly collected U.S. coins of all time. These coins are known for their value, quality of strike, and beauty.

Silver Peace Dollar coins (1921-1935)

The Peace Dollar was introduced in 1921. These coins are made of 90% Silver and continue through 1935.

Walking Liberty Half Dollars (1916-1947)

The Walking Liberty Half Dollars are among our favorite coins. They were minted between 1916 and 1947 and are 90% Silver.

Franklin Half Dollar Coin

Similar to the previous year, the 1952 Franklin Half Dollar was struck for circulation at the Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco Mint.

90% Silver Coins

Bags of silver do offer several investment advantages. First they provide small increments of barter. Secondly, the bag carries a low premium over spot silver.

Engagement Rings and Wedding Rings

Only you know when you've found the perfect engagement ring, the one that will symbolize your love, your personal style, and most importantly, a love that will continue to grow

Loose Diamonds

"Loose diamonds" are diamonds that have been expertly cut and polished and are ready to either be mounted in an engagement ring.